Rodents and Rodent Control

Our Treatment Process

Ground Treatments

Different types of rats require different type of poison and treatments. Our Professional teams both have more than 15 years of experience and they know exactly how and where to locate the harvesting areas of the rodents. Tamper-proof Bait Stations or Rodent Bait Stations is a strong plastic bait station that are filled with wax blocks (poison) and used as a feeding station for rodents.(Child and Pet safe) This poison can be in different forms including Wax blocks, liquid form or powder form.

We install and supply the best and strongest boxes available on the market with a locking mechanism to make it child and pet safe. The poison that we use have a very low secondary effect on animals such as dogs, owls or cats if one of those animals eats a contaminated rodent.

Roof Treatments

We also treat roof areas where rats have infested your house and we also give you one free call back within a month to remove any dead rodent/s and clean the roof or neutralize any odors caused by dead rats.


More About Rats and Rodents

Rats have long been considered deadly pests. The center for Disease control  lists nearly a dozen diseases directly linked to rats. Most companies require specific regulations for getting rid of rats, some strict residences and commercial businesses must use a specially trained and licensed exterminator to resolve and reduce a rat problem. Places to look for rat infestations are around pipes, behind walls and near garbage cans. Effective rat control requires municipal workers and individuals to work together

Rats are medium sized long tailed rodents. The most common rat known by man is the black rat and the brown rat. Rats are typically distinguished from mice due to their size difference. Generally, when someone discovers a large rodent they call it a rat, while if it is smaller the term mouse is used. Rats have long been considered to be deadly pests. Rats transmit diseases such as Murine typhus, Rat Bite Fever and Salmonellosis. Another zoonotic disease linked to the rat is the Foot and Mouth disease. The common species are opportunistic survivors and often live with and near humans and therefore, they are known as pests.

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